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Of the Sky is a third person 3D exploration and puzzle solving game. It takes place in a floating island world inspired by the beautiful scenery found on the Swedish island of Gotland. Using the easy to understand mechanics, explore the many floating islands, solve puzzles, and try to uncover the mystery of the fire keeping the islands afloat in the sky! You play as Hymn, a mysterious spirit-like creature whose motives are unknown, but who you can’t help but want to help guide.


Of the Sky is inspired by not only the unique and beautiful nature found on the island of Gotland, but also the ruins, runic alphabet, and even origin story! You can see more of the runes and architecture depicted in Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service. Gotland is known to house the town of Visby, one of the oldest standing medieval towns in Scandinavia and home to a mostly intact ring wall surrounding the city originally built in the twelfth century. 


Alpha 0.2.0 - 01/06/2020

The final release of the vertical slice!


The Of the Sky team would be extremely greatful if you would take the time to answer our playtesting survey!



Simon Östman - Lead Designer, QA Tester
Stefan Övergaard - Level Designer, QA Tester
Liam Forsberg - Producer, Puzzle Designer
Ida Edberg - Art Director, Designer
Tove Wahlberg - 3D Modeling Artist, Texture Artist
David Levin - 3D Modeling Artist, Art Pipeline Designer
Lukas Clausson -
Lead Programmer, Technical Artist
Malek Sharabi - Programmer, SFX Producer

Special thanks to;

Amanda Östman - Music Composer


You can reach us through email and facebook!

Install instructions

As it is now, it is downloaded as a .zip file with the executable inside. Just extract to a new folder and double click the .exe to start playing!


Of the Sky 0.2.0_0 235 MB

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